aerial drone inspection photograph of cell tower in Bloomer Wisconsin
cell tower inspection close up photograph of communication level. Photographed by drone by Infinite Sky Drone Services

Drone video and drone photography for aerial inspections

Drone video and photography inspection services are used to deliver high resolution photography, video, and data. Safely and efficiently inspect hard to reach areas with drones rather then putting humans at risk, Drone services inspections greatly reduce the safety risks that are involved with traditional methods of inspection. Drone services for mapping, analysis, monitoring, and inspection can also significantly reduce costs.  Pre-work inspection, hazard analysis, and structural analysis are general tower inspection tasks that can be performed using drone video and drone photography. Rooftops, towers, utilities, and infrastructure;  drones can get an up close view with less risk and cost.  The high quality imagery can zoomed up even closer on the computer screen, for exceptional detail.  Photos and information are also available in report form. Elevation maps and 3D models may be created to allow instant measurements of distance, area, and volume. Share these maps and insights easily with your team.

  • Cell Tower Inspection
  • Wind Tower Inspection
  • Water Tower Inspection
  • Utility Inspection
  • Structure Inspection
  • Infrastructure
  • Site Inspection
  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof reports
  • Insurance

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drone inspection by aerial drone video and photography

Drone Inspection Pricing

High Definition Photography and Video

  • Starting at $250

Mapping and Modeling

  • Starting at $300

Roof Reports and Estimates

  • Contact us for pricing of roof reports
  • Quickly and safely assess damage and get area measurements

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roof inspection aerial drone services photograph